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It's time to be the leader our world needs right now.

This 6 week group program is perfect for entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners, and corporate employees looking to level up their leadership.

The Power-Up is designed to help you deep dive on your Inward Leader so you can be the Outward Leader our world needs right now.

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Whether you are:


  • A brand-new entrepreneur/side-hustler planning your empire, sharing your story, and knowing you're destined for more

  • Trying to gain traction by pitching yourself, asking for sales, showing up on social, or hosting more events

  • A new manager trying to figure out how to be the boss for the first time

Maybe you Have:

  • been promoted & given a direct report and it's time to have your first difficult conversation

  • You realize you need to be the face of your company but being in the public eye makes to want to hurl

  • big decisions to make and you feel isolated, uncertain, and s t u c k.

Whatever the case, you've suddenly realized  you're in charge 

That's where I come in!

I'm Allison KT, leadership coach, human sunbeam, and founder of PoppyLead.

My entrepreneurial journey pushed me right to the edge. When I began thinking of myself as a leader, the whole game change. Helping people realize that we are all leaders is my life mission.


During this program I will be your coach, your confidante, your accountability partner, and most importantly, your optimistic side-kick and sounding board. 


What to expect:

Week 1:

Meet the group and learn about the Integrated Leadership Equation in preparation for your very own Inward Leader Deep Dive with the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment

Week 2:

Meet one-on-one with Allison KT for your ELI results session and Inward Leader Deep Dive.

BONUS!! This session also includes a CUSTOM ebook -

Your ELI Explained

Week 3:

Come back together as a group for the Outward Leadership Deep Dive and gain access to one of our FAVORITE tools for creating sustainable changes.


Week 4/5/6:

Image by Chris Montgomery

Group Problem Solving & Brainstorming. During these sessions, we will discuss how we will bring our challenges and put our heads together.

We will also use these sessions to do Skill Deep Dives with topics selected by the group! (Influence, Communication, Balance, Life optimization, etc)

Image by Katie Harp

Walk away with:

Increased awareness of specific leadership strengths


Via the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment and your own custom ebook.

(Read what Forbes and Business News Daily have to say!)

Confidence to speak

in front of others


Whether that's your team,

your partner, your mom, or 

a client you're pitching.

No more pre-phone call jitters or sweaty palms!

Clarity to make decisions

quickly & effortlessly


Invite your intuition and

get to know your gut

as you find alignment.


Who has time for second-guessing and waiting? 


1. Do you offer a payment plan?

Of course! I know that sometimes our desire to learn reaches further than our bank accounts, so no worries. We can certainly split payments if necessary. 

2. I've done leadership training and taken assessments before... what makes this different?

This highly personalized group coaching program features the Energy Leadership Index assessment, which is an attitudinal assessment, rather a personality assessment. This means instead of assigning you a personality type that you "are", the ELI gives a picture of your current attitudes toward situations, which can be altered over time. 

As a group with this shared language we will collectively tackle challenges and find opportunities for ourselves and each other. 

ELI results look like this and a debrief entails discussing what these percentages tell you about yourself as a leader:

Any other questions? Send me a message at: hello@poppylead.com

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