Greetings wild one,

I'm so glad you've arrived! :) You are listening to that little ping inside that's telling you the time has come. You are waking up to what you're here to do, and it's time to make some change and find abundance✨.

Coaching is a commitment, so before we dive in, let me give you some more info about my approach and what all this entails.

Mindset healing coaching with me works best for someone who is at a particular place in their life and business.

They are DONE with waiting mode and wondering when it will all come together. They are sick of looking for someone else to tell them what to do, because they know the truest answers are within. They bring their full agency and sovereignty to the relationship and are not looking for me to change or "fix" them.

You are writing the story of your legacy, and you know it began long before you were born here in this life.

It may feel challenging at times. Your footing may be uncertain and you've lost the scent. I have a tested and trusted process for helping you to get back to your purpose by reawakening your wild and finding your intuition.

We will examine and heal your self-sabotage. We will awaken and reclaim your wild. You will understand *your* magic, and communicate it to the world in a way that brings clients, abundance, and ease.

This is for you if you are ready to take powerful, wild, bold action now.

This is for you if you're ready to bring light to the darkness via deeply transformative mindset healing, which enables you to run your business from a place of confidence, which then magnetizes opportunity.

This journey is for you if you are ready to heal and release what is holding you back, and claim the joy and abundance that are yours by alchemizing your thoughts and your reality.

If that's you, then let's get to it!

Please follow the button below to select a time and complete the application (if you've arrived here on mobile via IG, I highly recommend coming back via computer to complete the application). I will confirm your appointment with you prior to hopping on Zoom after making sure you're a fit based on your responses.

Spaces to work with me in 2021 are very limited and expected to fill quickly, so I encourage you to come to our call prepared to make an empowered decision about enrollment.

Till then, please feel free to check out my IG and recent press to learn more about me, my clients,  and my approach!

Sending you an enchanted day of wonder <3,