This quiz just scratches the surface of Self-Leadership. Read on to schedule a Self-Leadership Deep Dive Session!



Deep Dive Session

Get to know yourself better than you thought possible by combining data-driven awareness with a smidge of intuition. 

The Details:

Step 1: Gathering the data

You take the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment (One of the Forbes Top 3 Assessments Every Executive Should Take! This Business News Daily article also gives a great overview!)

Step 2: Diving deep

We have a 90 minute deep dive session to go over your one-of-a-kind ebook (your Self-Leadership Owner's Manual) which provides you a field guide for your leadership journey.

"Allison helped me clarify my leadership style with an ELI Assessment and hit the nail on the head with all of the areas that need special care and attention.
It was like talking with your closest friend who seems to know everything about you. No seriously, everything resonated! (mindreader maybe?)

Allison is full of energy and I definitely left our session feeling understood and empowered with new insight. I'm truly grateful 💜 thank you."
Jessica A. - Blogger, Self-Awareness Coach

The Deep Dive: An Overview

Section 1: Your Energetic Profile:

Your Self-Leadership Owner's Manual (and our session) begins with your Energetic Profile results from the Energy Leadership Index (a 70 question version of the quiz you took above) and I will share my main takeaways as a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

This gives an idea for how you naturally lead (competition, heart-centered, communal, etc)

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 3.05.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 3.11.36 PM.png
Section 2: Your Energetic Stress Response

The next section covers your Energetic Stress Response based on your Energy Leadership Index results.

This gives an idea for how you respond to stressful experiences (bad news, accidents, stressors, etc)

Other Sections include:

Your Unique Strengths  - A review of what your natural strengths are within your top Self-Leadership styles. 

Areas to consider for Growth - The ELI assessment also helps identify areas in which you would like to experience change.

Guided Journaling prompts - Begin identifying what success looks like and how you are uniquely suited to achieve it.

"The ELI assessment is a tool I recommend to have a better understanding of who you are, what you do, and how to be a better leader.
Allison of PoppyLead did a phenomenal job of helping me better understand my results and come up with suggestions and tools to implement in my life.”
Emily Merrell, Founder of Six Degrees Society, Business Coach

Walk Away


crystal clear takeaways about your natural leadership tendencies (and tips to leverage those strengths!)


deeper trust in yourself every time you need to make crucial decisions for your business and yourself


a rock-solid confident mindset enabling you to get up in front of others to clearly share your story and inspire others to action

the ability to intentionally respond, rather than knee-jerk react to new challenges and the growing pains of being a leader

"Allison led me through a wonderful interpretation of my leadership style. It was cool to learn everything this way. 

I had known bits and pieces of what it told me but it was really cool to put it all together and see it as this profile."
Jessie R. -  writer, teacher, performer

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1. Do you offer a payment plan?

Of course! I know that sometimes our desire to learn reaches further than our bank accounts, so no worries. We can certainly split payments if necessary. Email to discuss options.

2. I've done leadership training and taken assessments before... what makes this different?

This highly personalized coaching  features the Energy Leadership Index assessment, which is an attitudinal assessment, rather a personality assessment. This means instead of assigning you a personality type that you "are", the ELI gives a picture of your current attitudes toward situations, which can be altered over time. 

ELI results look like the charts below and a debrief entails discussing what these percentages tell you about yourself as a leader. At first glance, the results below show us that is person is very opportunistic, but may rationalize. In stressful situations their tendency is to retreat:​




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