6 reasons you’re unmotivated (and what to do about it!)

Prepared for PoppyLead December 2020 by Lana Kitcher, of LK Consultants

What is Motivation?

“Motivation is an internal process. Whether we define it as a drive or a need, motivation is a condition inside us that desires a change, either in the self or the environment (Reeve, 2018).” Quoted source.

A key question I am asked often is, “how do I get more motivated?”

Well, my dear, that is a very loaded question. There are so many sides to it and we’ll have to dig a little deeper to figure out what’s really going on and how we can help you get unstuck. For example:

Q: “What are you trying to get motivated to do?”

A: “I’ve been trying to create an eCourse for two years now and I just can’t seem to make myself do it.”

There’s no, one, simple answer to the questions “how can I get more motivated” or “why am I not motivated to do this?” And depending on who you ask, a biologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, behavioral therapist, habit or productivity expert, you’re going to get different responses and opinions. Here is one side of the story.

Below I’ve outlined six common reasons and solutions for when you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated. Each situation might be different, so the next time you come to a task that you’re lacking motivation on, run through these scenarios, identify the culprit, and see what you can do to gain momentum!